Blind Cleaning – A How to Guide

The best way to clean blinds without using the sophisticated methods is to clean the slats of the blind with an old glove or socks dipped in white vinegar. You can squeeze of the excess. All you have to do is to wear the gloves and dip it in white vinegar and then wipe off the dust on both sides of the slats. The procedure can be repeated for all the slats and can be stopped periodically to rinse of the dirt or to dip the gloves/socks in the vinegar solution.

There are many benefits for doing this type of cleaning. First and the foremost reason is that all the dust sticks on to the socks instead of being released into the air. Secondly it is inexpensive. The last reason is it’s versatility, because there are used harsh chemicals this process it is safe on almost every material like wood, metal, and plastic.

You can find these blinds almost everywhere including homes, restaurants, schools, offices, etc., periodic cleaning is necessary to maintain their look and durability. When dust, grease, or any other unwanted substance sticks onto the blinds, a thorough cleaning is necessary. One who has tried to clean blinds manually will surely know that it is a tedious job and requires a lot of patience. The person has to clean each slat patiently without rendering any harm to the slat or break the strings attached.

Nowadays professional ultrasonic blind cleaners are hired to complete the job. They do the cleaning process within a fraction of a second. This process involves the removal of the blind and the blind is gradually immersed inside the machine where sound waves are used to agitate the cleaning solution.

Ultrasonic sound waves of high frequency are used remove dirt from the blinds. The best feature for ultrasonic blind cleaning are the speed, because the method takes less 30 second to clean the blinds. After the cleaning a drying agent is used to complete the process. The natural beauty of the blinds are restored within seconds and the customers are satisfied to pay up the required amount needed for doing the cleaning.