Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

According the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), fire and flood are two of the most common dangers that put homes in the U.S at risk. Fabrics, such as clothes, draperies, upholstered furniture, and carpets usually could be restored after fire or water damage, unless their condition is very severe that the only option available is to replace them. Thus, it would be safer and more practical to contact an expert that specializes in carpet cleaning and restoration for fire and water damaged carpets.

Check and Assess the House after Fire or Water Damage

After a fire or water damage, check the house for things that can be saved and restored. A lot of people choose to restore their carpets instead of replacing them. The severity of the fire and the level of water will determine if the carpets can be restored or replaced. Check the entire carpet to assess whether it can be cleaned and restored.

Before you start the restoration process, locate the principal source of the leak or flooding and fix the source. Make sure that the main source is completely fixed to prevent it from causing more water damage. Start with the carpet cleaning and restoration process only when the source of the water damage is properly repaired. Homeowners can do the cleaning process by themselves, but a heavy duty wet vacuum cleaner is essential to dry off the remaining water. Go over the entire carpet area several times to make sure that all the excess water is sucked out from the carpet. If unsure on how to do the process properly, hire the service of a professional carpet cleaning and restoration specialist.

Clean the Carpet Thoroughly

After eliminating excess water from the carpet, buy an effective disinfectant solution to clean the carpet. Combine the solution with a little amount of bleach but be sure the solution is compatible with bleach. Take the padding underneath the carpet and replace with a new padding. This is the area which retains the largest quantities of water should be dried absolutely. The drying process can be made faster with the help of an industrial fan and dehumidifier.

Set the replacement padding properly and put over the carpet. If the water damage is more serious, carpet cleaning can help clean and restore the carpet with industrial vacuum cleaners, flood extractors, and restoration chemicals.

These tips can guarantee that the cleaning and restoration process for the water-damaged carpet will be a successful task. Keep in mind that there are professionals that specialize in cleaning and restoration of carpets. Hiring their service will definitely help you accomplish the task faster and easier.