What Kind of Office Entrance Mat Should You Purchase?

Companies and brands are represented by their offices. Clients, customers, and vendors may already know about your product. They may have even interacted online with you. But when they visit your office, your brand becomes a reality. It is worth making this a reality with a well-designed office that exudes professionalism and reliability.

Your decor will be a big part of this. This is why we created this post on how you can find the perfect entrance mat to match your decor.

Custom logo rug are made to protect floors. A good mat for entrance will keep dirt from getting on the floors and not slip. Available in rolls, molded or grid formats, office custom logo rug include coir mats as well as synthetic, nylon, polypropylene, nylon and rubber mats.

Custom Logo Entrance Mats

These mats may be printed with your logo, company slogan, or branding. Available in coir and polyamide, nylon, and polypropylene as well as combinations thereof, are custom logo mats. You can have them printed or inlaid. Mats can last for longer thanks to the use of high-quality dyes as well as a machine printer. Inlaid doormats have a completely new process. They are made from a single mat. Each piece of the logo design is then cut out and colored. Inlaid logo work is luxurious, durable and can withstand high traffic. These mats, whether made from synthetic fibers or coir, will remove dirt from shoes soles and keep it out sight.

Who should be buying: Customized logo entrance mats look great when you want to project professionalism, seriousness and brand assets. They are richly luxurious and exude elegance and sophistication. They are a great way of displaying your brand assets at your front door.

Recessed Mats

A recessed-well mat would be required for any entrance with a recessed hole. Recessed wells mats allow for matting to be positioned at the floor rather than above it. This creates a level entry, so the mat is not visible and people don’t trip over it.

Who should own? If you have a lot to do with wheelchairs, it is crucial that you have a mat that facilitates wheelchair movement. Recessed well rugs are great for this purpose. These mats are ideal for offices that receive a lot in foot traffic each day. Visitors won’t be embarrassed or fall from a mat that is at the floor. You will see less damage to the mat as less foot traffic means less curling, fraying and tearing. Recessed good mats come both in grid and roll good formats.

Drainage Entrance Maps

Drainage mats may have holes or slots that permit water, ice, snow to slip through. This keeps the surface’s surface dry and makes it more slippery. These mats also allow for dirt, mud, grime, and other particles to slip through the mat to its bottom, hiding from plain sight. This makes it so that the floor in your office is always dry. There are also no ugly and muddy spots. This significantly decreases the possibility of accidental slips, falls, and trips. These mats are made out of tough, durable materials such as rubber and vinyl. They are also resistant to dirt.