For the Stylish Undead: Tombstone Materials to Die For

If you’ve ever spent any time thumbing through “Better Tombs and Gardens,” you know that your tombstone is the ultimate accessory for your afterlife, and you want to be certain that you make the right choice. After all, just because you’re dead doesn’t mean your sense of style is, and you’re going to be stuck with your grave marker for a very long time. Undead denizens in the know pick materials that mortals often use for countertops, focusing on durability, customizability, and color choice to find the perfect headstone for the hereafter.


Granite’s a popular choice for your everyday tombstone, and for good reason. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from lively pinks to stoic grays to dark, elegant shades of black, depending on the rock’s mineral composition. These mineral composites can also collect to create dramatic and aesthetically pleasing veins through your slab, adding a bit of flare to your final resting place.

Granite’s legendary durability means it will last almost as long as your afterlife. As a natural stone, it’s able to withstand the changes in weather that it will encounter, as well as any other abuses that might arise. It’s no wonder why the living choose to add granite to their homes as long-lasting countertop spaces. With the abuse that kitchen and bathroom countertops withstand, you know your granite headstone will stand the tests of time.


For the truly well-bred undead, marble is a top tombstone choice. Though marble is an expensive material, the investment is worth it-besides, it’s not like you’ll need money where you’re going! Marble has been used for millennia for memorials, and for good reason: with very little care, marble will withstand nearly anything the elements can throw at it. The living love marble countertops for the same reasons that you will love your marble tombstone. The wide color availability, classical appeal, and impressive durability of marble makes it a great choice for anyone, living or undead!


If you’re more of a modern mummy, you may want a more customizable tombstone with a contemporary flare. Concrete can be formed into literally any shape that your still heart could desire, and it can be colored to match your crypt. Both of these aspects make concrete a great choice for kitchen countertops for the living. Concrete, both for counters and for headstones, can be formulated to withstand the extremes of weather, sometimes even better than natural stones.

Whatever material you choose for your memorial, you will be eternally grateful that you picked a material that the living prize for its beauty, durability, and potential for customization when they are looking to purchase a countertop for their kitchen or bath.