6 Scary Reasons Why Humans Should Heel To Almighty Ants

Ants: weird little critters that we hardly pay attention to, unless they become a real problem. Their tiny size may fool you into thinking you can crush them anytime under your boot. Well, individually, yes. But if they get together, they can easily outnumber you one against a million. And when that happens, you will stand no chance. With the many scary tricks under their belt, it won’t take them long to bring you down. Here are 6 amazing facts about ants that will give you the creeps.

Ants Come From the Time of Dinosaurs

If recent studies are anything to go buy, ants come from the mid-cretaceous period i.e. approximately 110 to 130 million years ago. This means they are as old as dinosaurs or maybe older than them. And the fact that they survived the whole dinosaur extinction period and came out unscathed counts for something, right?

Ants Are Globetrotters

There is no piece of land that ants haven’t walked on. Ants are avid globetrotters – from the wilderness of the Caribbean to the frozen lands of Norway, they have laid their claim everywhere. They probably have the most networks, more than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, with their kin dispersed in every corner of the world.

Ants Are Brainiacs

Yes, they are smarter than you think! Ants have more than 250,000 brain cells, which makes them the smartest species of insects and maybe even smarter than us. Think about it. The way they live in interconnected colonies, co-ordinate their activities and plan their defense tactics, we can definitely learn a lesson or two from them. They are peaceful creatures no doubt, but hey, if you ever cross them, they will take you down in the worst way possible.

Ants Have Bigger Armies

When faced with an army that is as big as 10,000,000,000,000,000 our population of 7 billion looks pitiful. And that number is just a rough estimation; it could be higher any day. They do not just have huge armies, they own powerful weapons too. There is a species of ant called Bullet Ants, whose stings are worse than an actual bullet wound. And we are just getting started with the horror story.

Their Strength is Scary

Those teeny-weeny ants can lift weights 50 times larger than their body weight. They can carry the weight all the way up a huge mountain and back if they have to. Can you do that? Just when you thought your bulging biceps can give anyone the scare of their life!

Ants Practice Slavery

Some ants are very much into pillaging and enslaving; don’t believe us? There are ants known to practice “dulosis”, an act wherein they kidnap ants from other colonies and either eat them or put them to work. Army ants, especially, get real high in raiding other colonies. They spray a nasty chemical in their prey’s nest, which causes all older ants to flee and when the coast is clear, they kidnap the eggs. The eggs are then poached or eaten raw. If the kidnapper is feeling really merciful, they wait till the eggs hatch so they could put the baby ants to work.

Next time you see ant hives in your home, do the wise thing; call a professional exterminator, who will take care of the rest.