Drainage and Soil Quality – Tree Service Issues Before Planting

If you are thinking of having a shade on your property, choosing the right species of tree can be quite frightening, especially if you have no idea what to consider. Tree service professionals or arborists are the ones who can tell you the kind that is best for your location.

They are the ones who specialize on proper care of this kind of plant. In order for you not to worry about this big step for your home, it is best to seek for their assistance to ensure safety and proper care. Some of the most common issues that the arborists will note are the following. See to it that you discuss these issues with them accordingly in order for the task to be correctly implemented.


If the species is still a young one, it is best to have it planted in a loamy soil of good quality. More than this, there should be proper drainage for the roots to effortlessly make its way to the nutrients needed. Take note that there are several species that do not put up with areas that have poor drainage system. Also, heavy clay is a big mistake when it comes to setting it up as the foundation of this kind of plant.

With proper drainage, you will ensure that the roots will not be soaked with stagnant water. Whenever there is a lack of oxygen underneath the species, the roots have the tendency to rot.

Soil Quality

The pH level in the soil can greatly affect its quality, and consequently bring about effects to the species of plant you want in a particular site. While there are now several issues involving the quality of soil in many residential lots, it is very essential to ask an arborist to check it before you go on with planting anything. Oil and chemical spills under the ground can also bring harsh upshots for the species. This is why it is very important to check if the soil has been in any way contaminated before you plant something, especially if you are planning to have larger trees that are more than 20 feet.

Of course, your personal taste will have a say on choosing the right species for your place. However, make it a point that you consult with a tree service professional or an arborist before anything else. This is for the best interest of the plant you will have to take proper care of.