Introduction to Pest Management

The term ‘Pest Management’ is used to include many subjects relating to pests and the damages they cause, not only to humans, but also to crops. The subjects also include the effects of pests control measures on environment, health, and economy, as well as the technology employed for the purpose.

Pest Management Measures at Home

We are all aware of the pests and insects that invade our homes and pose different risks to our health and property. Some of the very common household pests include bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, house flies and ants etc. Unless suitable pest control measures are taken, they continue to survive and get multiplied in homes. They come in numerous shapes and sizes, each being able to adversely affect the health of your family.

For instance, there are different varieties of cockroaches. They include Oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches, Brown banded cockroaches and more. Cockroaches are known to cause asthma and other allergic maladies to humans.

Another very common household insect is the mosquito, which again has many species. This is one of those pests that gets multiplied very fast. It hardly takes ten to fourteen days for an egg to deliver an adult mosquito. You may find it difficult to believe that a female mosquito can travel up to fourteen miles to get its quota of human blood! Mosquitoes are mainly responsible for causing malaria, West Nile virus and the dreaded dengue.

It is very disgusting to have rats and mice at home. They are carriers of deadly diseases. Many people refuse to live in places infested with rats, and are psychological fearful of these animals. All rodents have almost similar characteristics. They may vary in length from two to eighteen inches, and they are capable of spoiling your foodstuffs and wooden household items, including the furniture. Their population also grows at a very fast rate. It is therefore recommended to seek an appropriate treatment as soon as you notice their presence within your house.

Probably termites are among the most destructive insects that cause harm to wooden household articles. They are capable of completely destroying a wooden house, if left untreated. Termite’s varieties include Dry wood termites, Formosan termites, Damp wood termites and Subterranean termites.

Harmful pests affecting agricultural farms

There is a very large variety of pests that is harmful to agricultural production. More than a hundred varieties have already been identified. A large group of flea beetles is capable of destroying entire crops of potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, sugar beets and canola.

Integrated Pest Management

Worldwide governments spend millions of dollars to take control of insects and pests harmful to agricultural production. Integrated pest management in the US includes different programs, varying from the biological control of pests to sustainable agriculture and a lot more.

Educating masses on pest management

The US Government has been making available generous funds for carrying researches in various universities, and also contributing to non-profit organizations engaged in educating people on various aspects of ‘pest management.’

Apart from the efforts from the part of governments, people also need to contribute in the ongoing war against pests, responsible for causing colossal agricultural losses, and hence monitory losses, adversely affecting the health of people by spreading deadly diseases.