Advantages of Nanny Cameras

Leaving kids alone with a stranger, also known as a nanny, can be very difficult for parents to go through. This is why hidden nanny cameras have become very popular. Some parents feel like that is too intrusive, but there are many reasons why investing in nanny cameras is a great idea.

Nanny cameras are commonly known as nanny cams. They have significant recognition because of the many parents who have caught nannies stealing items, inviting people over, ignoring kids, or outright abusing them. This has caused many parents to get their own nanny cams.

The cameras are installed in strategic locations throughout the home in order to get a clear view of all activities the nanny and child may do. The camera is hidden in an object or unobtrusively out of sight.

Nanny cams can also be used to monitor pet sitters, housekeepers, pool cleaners, and gardeners who visit the home while the owners are not around. Many daycares use nanny cam systems in order to ensure their employees are performing properly. They are also great for parents who want to monitor their kids when they get home from school.

Parents may grapple with the decision to buy a nanny cam, especially based on the laws that could surround using them. It is important to know the legalities around the cameras. Parents can choose if they want to tell the nanny they have a hidden camera. There are two main laws about video surveillance and audio recordings.

Video surveillance laws dictate it is legal to install nanny cams in all 50 states, even if people choose to videotape nannies without their consent. The laws also say nannies cannot be taped in private areas of the home, such as the bathroom or a live-in nanny’s bedroom. Installing a nanny cam should be done in common spaces, such as the kitchen or the playroom.

Audio recording laws are different than video surveillance laws. Several states have laws to protect against audio recordings, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

If parents live in any of those states, the nanny must be notified if there is a nanny cam that records both video and audio. Parents could be prosecuted for violating this law and evidence of abuse or neglect found on the tape can be considered inadmissible during legal proceedings.

The benefit of a nanny cam is parents are assured children are being cared for effectively and safely. Nanny cams allow parents to make sure they hired a responsible and honest nanny. It is also a good way to look for things that parents and the nanny need to talk about.

If the video shows the nanny spending most of her day texting, then parents need to come up with an agreement where the nanny will only text while kids are napping. If kids are indoors all the time, propose outings that parents pay for to get them out of the house.

There are some ethical implications when deciding to install a nanny cam. If the nanny finds the hidden camera, then the relationship between nanny and parents will be harmed. The nanny may even quit. This is why it is a good idea to have a discussion with the nanny before cameras are installed.

Discuss with the nanny why parents are installing a camera and address concerns she might have. This could include the video showing up on YouTube, who has access to the video, and what happens to the recordings after they are watched. Parents can agree to have the nanny cam installed temporarily for a few weeks or months in order to build trust.