High Security Fencing VS Residential Fencing

If you are trying to determine whether to install high security fencing or residential fencing around your property it may help you to know the differences between high security fencing and the residential version.

High Security Fencing Features

• The panels of wire for these fences are taller than average. Most of the panels for this type of barrier are no shorter than eight feet and many are as tall as twelve feet

• Are made from materials that are thicker so that they cannot be easily cut with ordinary bolt cutters or wire cutters

• Are often electrically charged to further discourage people from entering them

• Are more expensive to build because they are made from higher quality materials

• May have razor wire on top to discourage people from climbing it

• May be placed around prisons to keep people in

• May be placed around wildlife refuges to protect the animals from the people in the area, and to protect the people from the animals

• May be made from welded steel instead of wire mesh

• May be established around a swimming pool to keep accidents from occurring

Residential Fencing Features

• Generally these fences are between four and six feet high

• Are meant to establish property lines than they are to prevent entry to the property

• Are made of thinner wire that can easily be cut with household wire cutters

• Is cheaper to install

• Increases the value of the property when properly installed

• Has a walk in gate and occasionally a gate you can drive through

• May be established around the back yard of a home to keep children in, or to keep the family pet in

• Is usually either wire mesh or it is made of wood

• May be established around a swimming pool to keep accidents from occurring

High security fencing does protect the establishments that install it from thieves. Most of the time this type of fencing is put into place to protect the people on the outside from what is on the inside, and to protect the property owner from being sued for injuries sustained on their property.

Most of the time the residential fences are built because people have a dog they want to keep in their yard. They are built so that children are safe when they go outside to play. They are built so that the people that own the property can have gardens and things like this without animals disturbing their plants.

If you are uncertain which type of enclosure you need talk to the supplier of the fencing components. Tell them what your biggest concerns are and they will be able to help you choose the best components for what you need done.

When you are going to install a fence that is meant for a higher level of security you need to have professionals do the installation. These fences are taller than average, their components weigh more than average, and you want to make sure they are correctly installed.