How to Install Security Grills on Your Windows?

One of the best ways to deter burglars is to install security grills around all your outside facing windows. Also known as security bars these are especially designed to make it very difficult to simply enter your home via the window. However, the security of these bars is only as good as the installation method used. That said installation is not difficult and it’s quite cheap if you have the right tools at your disposal.

Step no. 1: Choose a grill

You may want to purchase your grill from a machine shop where it will be custom made. However, you’ll need to measure all your windows and give this measurement to the person in charge. It then takes up to three days for the shop to manufacture the grills to your specifications. Ideally, you will want to opt for bars that are made from steel and iron but which can be opened from the inside. Alternatively, you can opt for adjustable security bars but in most cases these are not as secure as ones that are custom made but a lot cheaper.

Step no. 2: Measure the placement

Before you can install the grills you’ll need to place them against your window and use a pencil to mark the position of the holes. When marking the position of the holes also take into account the diameter of these holes because drilling larger than required holes will not allow the grill to set in snuggly.

Step no. 3: Drill placement holes

You then need to drill the holes, make sure that you use a long drill bit but with a small diameter. If you are not sure about the bit simply take each one and insert it into the hole of the grill. You’ll want to use one that barely goes through the hole. Make sure that you drill the holes as deep as possible so that it can accommodate very long and secure screws.

Step no. 4: Grill installation

Once you drill the holes simply hold the bars up to the holes, then use a long deck screw known also as security screws to fix the bars to the window. Make sure that the screws through the window frame so that there is no way for anyone to pry the screws out. Use an electric screw driver because it’s a lot quicker and the screw will go in cleanly.

Important performance tips

  • Bars shouldn’t be placed on the windows of small kids’ rooms. If bars are to be placed make sure that an alternative means of exiting a room is devised so that kids can be rescued in the event of a fire when the main door may be blocked. Most small children under 10 will not be able to operate the bars’ unlocking mechanism so it’s better not to install bars here.
  • When purchasing bars always make sure that they are dense and broad so that cutting through them or bending them is not easy. You may want to consider titanium bars which add an extra level of security mainly because they are very hard to cut through. But they can also be very expensive and difficult to purchase.