3 Important Features To Look For In A Remote Control Garage Door

The garage doesn’t just house our vehicles and provide protection from various elements, but also provide fully functional additional rooms to our houses. It works likes an extension of the house, or more of a little outhouse where we can store some excess possessions such as gardening equipment, work with handyman activities, and park our vehicles. But the functionality of our garage is only as good as its garage door.

With the help of ever advancing technology for home improvement, traditional garage is slowly becoming obsolete, as electric garage doors are starting to take over houses all across the country. If you’re considering of this type of door to give your garage a revamp, then read on for its advantages:

Better Security

It’s no secret that crime rates are on the rise, and they’re one attack away from destroying lives. This is why you need to make sure all entry points in your house are secured. Traditional garage doors can only do so much to prevent burglars from breaking. Out of all the recorded cases of burglaries and break-in, majority of their entry point are garages, as they can easily pick locks make easy entries.

Remote control and electric garage doors on the other hand, have taken security into consideration. You can’t find locks from this type of door rather, electric motors are used for closing and locking and controlled by homeowners through a remote.

Superb Convenience

We all want convenience, whether accessing the internet anytime anywhere through our smartphones or tablets, purchasing items and good online, pay bills online, etc. Well, speaking of convenience, remote-controlled garage doors do the same – you operate the door with a simple press of a button on its remote, even from a distance. This is perfect for driving home from work, or opening the garage from the kitchen, etc. The best part of it is that, there’s no need to step out of the car and lift to roll-up the heavy door, as electric motor does the rest all by itself.

Space Saving

Most of us store bulky things on our garage, and most often than not, we run out of spaces over time, and we end up with clutters all over the garage. Electric garage doors however, are rolled or folded neatly into its top box, leaving significant space inside the garage. This means more room to keep and maneuver things in and out the garage.