A Man’s Haven: Things To Think About When Buying A New Shed

A shed simply put, is a man’s castle, it is the one place where men can go and contemplate anything! People use sheds for a wide variety of things from simply storing “Stuff” to building their own home cinemas in. These days often sheds are built fully insulated, and even come with their own heating systems.

Shed security has also improved over the years with most sheds now coming with window locks, and even double door locks for added security. These are features that are worth looking out for when buying a shed as they can help to cut down on your insurance bill.

Speaking of which, also make sure that your shed is covered under your household insurance. You may think it is, but always check, as in the event of a fire, not having your shed listed on your insurance can prove very costly indeed. Particularly if you have a lot of power tools stored in your shed.

A well-insulated shed can prove to be a real asset, as keeping the damp away from expensive power tools can save a lot of expense. As “damp” and electricity do not go well together.

A well built, solid shed can prove a very worthwhile investment. You can use them for anything from building your own bar in (You would be surprised at how often this has been done! People have even opened them as a pubs!) Through to the more common uses such as for gardening purposes.

Ideally you should buy the largest shed you can, as for some reason they always seem to fill up quickly with stuff.

A shed for some reason is always a mans place, as you never tend to find ladies saying “I am just off down to the shed”. I am not sure why this is but they are often used as a place of contemplation or simply to find a bit of solitude.

A good one is like an old friend, it is always there when you need it. They last for years, and these days they are not overly expensive to buy.

These days you can buy one in any size you want – If you do not want a 6 x 8 ft shed but need a 7 x 8ft shed, then this is not a problem. A good manufacturer will deliver your shed for free as well, and most will offer an installation service, however most sheds can be put up in a few hours with the help of a friend or two.